Why do we wear perfume

via Daily Prompt: Perfume It’s more than just smelling nice. It’s a benefactor of attraction. There may be hundreds of reasons as to why I, you, she or he wears perfume. A smell has more power than you think it does. It can invoke memories, emotions and most importantly attraction. According to street dictionary the... Continue Reading →


Just a kiss…

The feel of another's lips on mine, such a simple contact right? It's been so long I've almost forgotten the feeling. A pair of lips touching. Just like if you were to hold someone's hands. But it's so much more. It's so much more with the right spirit. There's a specific boy. I can't call... Continue Reading →

Between the bars of my thoughts

Between the bars. It's by Elliot Smith. I don't know much about the artist, but I know this song. It spoke to my conscience. I have yet to learn the mechanics that goes on to making music, and making it sound so it touches people. So, please don't think of this as a professional opinion, rather just... Continue Reading →

my island of sorrow

You're an irrelevant speck of dust in my island filled with sand. At least, you were. Now, I look at you and I feel a gravity of emotions. Hurt, anger, frustration, infatuation, sad and most of all, longing. I know your bad for me. I know you have another. And I know, more than anything'... I... Continue Reading →

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I've never been a relationship, but I've wanted to be in one for as long as I can remember. At the age of 19, it feels a little sad to have never experienced love, like they talk about. I know there are people who don't go into relationships until they are like 20 or 30, so... Continue Reading →

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