A little bit of hope…

I have experienced two cultures simultaneously, hand in hand next to each other. both of them have taught me to see the world in two very conflicting yet surprisingly harmonious way.

The country I was born in, has one of the most distinctive minds I have ever encountered in my life. There are people here, who in spite of the constant barriers have always come out on top of things. For the majority of the population, barrier isn’t something to be cried or be upset over. It is something to overcome. I believe that is the common intention of the general person; to overcome a barrier. However, as common as it may seem, very few in my knowledge have actually overcome what they were burdened with. In this day and age we choose to just set it aside, piling up the pillars until eventually they all come crashing down on us. And even after the landslide has occurred, we carry on with our daily lives continuing to hoard our emotions and feelings until the landslide itself feels just like a tiny raindrop on our forehead.

But not here. These people have been tested and are continuously being tested over and over again, yet they never slow down. They never give up. There is something in them that drives every fiber of their being, a force. It drives them to keep on going no matter what happens. This force as great as it is, is as ordinary as a piece of toast. It’s this tiny little feeling we call hope. Although everyone may be familiar with the word itself, many of us have rarely felt the true intensity of this emotion. I, myself have not felt it for quite sometime. It seems like too great of a thought or desire that shall only bring me misery. But maybe that is the ingredient I lack in my life right now. Perhaps, hope is all I need. I see it everyday and I see it’s magic everyday. So why shall I be so poor of a student to not intake such knowledge. This amazing little belief that may one day be my ticket to achieve all that I can apprehend.

In conclusion, if you’re reading this, there’s something in your life that’s not right at the moment and this something will always be there. There may changes as to what the something is, however the sheer presence of it will never go away. But if you can try to unlock it, behind the barriers of your mind, there’s another presence in 4 simple letters. This is feeling is very had to keep and sustain but if you can, it will reward you in ways you won’t expect.


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