I know, I want, I hope…

Someday me and my sister are finally gonna have our own apartment where we live together. We can decide to put things wherever and however we want without double thinking. Our rooms can be slightly messy if not completely upside down. If we’re ever in a hurry then we won’t have to be late by worrying and making sure the house is neat to the T.

Someday, I’ll wake up and look outside and the sun will be on my face smiling tentatively as I get off from the bed to greet the day. I’ll turn the speakers on and listen to my favorite track without anyone making me feel guilty about it.

I might be on my way late, from an exhausting day of work and actually look forward to going home. She might have cooked my favorite meal which dissolves all the bad wisps of the day. We’ll both sit down to watch the TV, put on our favorite show and ignore it as we tell each other about our day. I complain to her about my work as she tells me about her studies.

She can share her pain, sorrows, laughter, joy as I share mine with her. We can share our love, our hatred, our dislike and our perceptions. We can share memories, experiences, ¬†discoveries and hearts. Someday…someday we can finally share a place we both find home.


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