Why would she tell me that? What was her intention?

Did she want solely my sympathy because she barely got any of that. I know she wasn’t opening up to me, because she is the type of person that can talk to anyone without a second thought.

So ,why did she have to tell me such a personal thing about her life? The only emotion that anyone can feel from that story is sympathy.

I find it hard, if not impossible to sympathize. I know she wanted to be my friend really bad. She was trying very hard, but did she think the way to get it was through sympathy? All you had to do was come up to me and have a chat.

I try to make it easy for people to be my friend but perhaps I’m much harder to acquire then I think I am. I want to be approachable but I know my intimidating demeanor doesn’t always allow that.

She said all those things with barely any real emotions as well,so how the hell would I even know if she was actually feeling bad about these events. She said them as if she couldn’t care less, rather for the sympathy and attention she would gain from it.

She has a good heart, or so I say to my friends when we talk about her, but I don’t even know if  I believe that. How can someone with any sort of heart say all these things with as much emotion as one has, while reading a buzzfeed article.

What she told, a person going through that should not be have the attitude that she does. Or maybe they should, perhaps that’s her coping mechanism. Or maybe she is just an attention seeking individual, with a lack of substance. I hope i’m wrong about her,I really do…


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