Fleeting moment of affection?

Why does love have to be continuous? If I tell you I love you, in that very moment I do. I love you with all my heart. The next moment I may not even remember you, but does that mean my love was not true.
I get surprised by the kindness of strangers every now and then. And when they show me that generosity; whether it’s just waiting to let me go first through the doors or more, I love them for it. In that minute, I truly love them.
My mother loves me, my sister loves me and my friends love me. I love them all too. But, sometimes they make me want to jump off the roof, and sometimes they make me feel like I can conquer the universe. So is this the true love we yearn for?
My first love left me high and dry. I loved him every moment, or so I believe I did. He said he loved me too and that’s all he did. He said it. Perhaps, he meant it or perhaps he didn’t. But even if it was for just a moment, I know he loved me with all the heart he had left. But was it the true love I yearn for?
When I said I loved you, you got scared. I barely knew you, and we were strangers but at that moment your kindness surprised me and I felt compelled to say that. And I’m going to say it again. Was that true love?
I know now, we are just friends. And believe me when I say I have no feelings for you romantically either, but you’re beautiful. I love you so much during the times; you show me a true glimpse of your soul. The bare, the raw, the naked part of you. In that moment, you mesmerize me and it doesn’t always last long. I barely have time to comprehend it before you take it away. I don’t think you want to, but fear overrides you.
I may be completely wrong about everything, but I hope I’m not. I choose to judge you based on your honesty, and it would really hurt me if that honesty was just to mask a motive.


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