Why do we wear perfume

via Daily Prompt: Perfume

It’s more than just smelling nice. It’s a benefactor of attraction. There may be hundreds of reasons as to why I, you, she or he wears perfume. A smell has more power than you think it does. It can invoke memories, emotions and most importantly attraction.

According to street dictionary the reason we were perfume boils down to 4 main reasons. If a man likes the perfume you’re wearing, he is instantly attracted to you. This is because the smell triggers an increased sexual appetite. And in return, it boosts your self-confidence because it makes you feel adored and more attractive. But these feelings are fleeting and if it something you choose to base your relationship upon, the structure will crumple and the flow of a breeze. So that’s the first reason we were perfume, to attract a mate. This is a more innate and biological reasons and has more to do with our evolution then our mind.

The second reason for perfume is its connection to memory. For example, the smell of melting butter reminds of me of croissants that they use to bake in the morning is my favourite job. They would come out of the oven and make the whole cafe smell like fresh buttery goodness. That smell, waked me up more, than the caffeine in my coffee. My mother’s smell makes me feel at home. Not the perfume that she wears, rather the perfume that her body was born with. This same idea goes with millions of smells that we have a different connection to and wakes up a hidden recollection in us.

The third reason is that, fragrance can act as an escape. They can take us to a different place, be that only for a few seconds. Certain smells can make you feel calm and serene. They may energize your mind by giving it a little boost. So, by spraying just a little of that mist, can make you feel a little more comfortable in your skin.

And the last reason and perhaps the biggest, is to be unique. Due to numerous choices, what you choose to smell is an opportunity for you to display your individuality. You can adjust your perfume, to your mood and occasion, evidently whatever you want. May even help you to fit in with certain circumstances better. One day you can smell like vanilla and the next you choose to be tulip.

So, next time you choose a bottle, you’re choosing more than just a perfume. It is a part of your style, an extension to your fashion. So please don’t overdo it. Remember, subtlety is sexy.


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