my island of sorrow

You’re an irrelevant speck of dust in my island filled with sand. At least, you were. Now, I look at you and I feel a gravity of emotions. Hurt, anger, frustration, infatuation, sad and most of all, longing.

I know your bad for me. I know you have another. And I know, more than anything’… I know, I don’t want to be your sideshow.

I want to get your attention. Not the way you usually give it to me, I want more. I want real and honest and bare and naked. How can I get that? I can’t be and do the things you want me to. I’m not built like that.

I know I don’t love you. In a year or two, you’ll just be another page in my storybook, but right now, you’re the only chapter I can read. The only chapter I want to read.

I still get blinded by your eyes. The way you look at me, surely I can’t be all that delusional to make it all up in my head. Looks don’t lie. Your words do though.

I wish I could get back the day where you were just another insignificant face in the stream of people. I wish I never noticed you enough for you to stand out. I wish you never came with me that night.


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