A treasured memory

It's been so long since I've seen my friends. My old life feels like a dream now. The memories are so hazy and so solid at the same time. I get instant's of breathlessness when I remember something, and the memory becomes so strong it blurs my reality. I find myself not knowing where I... Continue Reading →

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my island of sorrow

You're an irrelevant speck of dust in my island filled with sand. At least, you were. Now, I look at you and I feel a gravity of emotions. Hurt, anger, frustration, infatuation, sad and most of all, longing. I know your bad for me. I know you have another. And I know, more than anything'... I... Continue Reading →

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A little bit of hope…

I have experienced two cultures simultaneously, hand in hand next to each other. both of them have taught me to see the world in two very conflicting yet surprisingly harmonious way. The country I was born in, has one of the most distinctive minds I have ever encountered in my life. There are people here,... Continue Reading →

This feeling isn't new, is it? the desperate desire to be with this one person but the ever so present reality that it's probably not gonna happen. In fact, I think this feeling pretty much sums up my entire romantic life. So, many scenarios always playing in my head. So many possibilities and desires always... Continue Reading →

little insight behind the mask

I'd like to think I value myself, I'd like to think I have some self-worth and self-esteem. Yet when I think of my romantic affairs so far, it contradicts exactly that which I think of myself. There are few things and a few someones that have contributed to this constant questioning of my character. Let's... Continue Reading →

a flight to freedom

There is so much to motivate me, so so much, but I'm still nowhere near the stage I should be in. I want to achieve all those things I said I will. I need to achieve them. It's the only way out for me and these exams are the key for that. I've got a... Continue Reading →

I know, I want, I hope…

Someday me and my sister are finally gonna have our own apartment where we live together. We can decide to put things wherever and however we want without double thinking. Our rooms can be slightly messy if not completely upside down. If we're ever in a hurry then we won't have to be late by... Continue Reading →

Why would she tell me that? What was her intention? Did she want solely my sympathy because she barely got any of that. I know she wasn't opening up to me, because she is the type of person that can talk to anyone without a second thought. So ,why did she have to tell me... Continue Reading →

Fleeting moment of affection?

Why does love have to be continuous? If I tell you I love you, in that very moment I do. I love you with all my heart. The next moment I may not even remember you, but does that mean my love was not true. I get surprised by the kindness of strangers every now... Continue Reading →

Why do we wear perfume

via Daily Prompt: Perfume It’s more than just smelling nice. It’s a benefactor of attraction. There may be hundreds of reasons as to why I, you, she or he wears perfume. A smell has more power than you think it does. It can invoke memories, emotions and most importantly attraction. According to street dictionary the... Continue Reading →

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